Josefine FouargeHi and welcome to craftstorefinder.com. This site is intended as a one-stop location for card makers, mixed-media artists and other kinds of paper crafting enthusiasts to find their nearest local craft store. You as a user have the ability to search for craft stores all around the US and Canada (will be expanded to world-wide use soon) and even submit a store, if it’s not listed yet.

I got the idea after I read yet another post in a crafty Facebook group about a store closing somewhere in the US.

Since I started crafting two years ago I heard about three stores in the LA area that had to close down.

Up until then I did not even know that they existed. One of the first things I did after the crafty virus hit me was “googling” for stores nearby and I found just one. Since then I know about a couple more local stores, but I did not find any of them very easily.

In a world of always accessible information it is very eye-opening and frankly irritating to not find something when the information really should be at our fingertips.

I know that there a tons of online shops, but I like the local and personal advice more. I like the option of going into a store with actual humans being available to ask for their opinion, to test a product before investing a lot of money in it, and I like classes with groups full of fun people.

I wanted to have an easy to find and easy to use platform where you and I can find local craft stores without breaking the internet.

So I summoned my little knowledge about web design and created this page. I hope I succeeded with the “simple to use” part (if not, feedback is always welcome) and will work on the “easy to find” one.

Let’s share the love for our local craft stores and fill this site with life.

If you have any question or suggestion, please send an email to josefine@craftstorefinder.com. We’d love to hear from you!